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Wednesday, April 27


Distributed Cloud Journey
It's not about whether you're in the cloud but how you utilize the Cloud. Many established companies/businesses began their hosting journey in private or colocation datacenters. The reality of a complete cloud transformation is challenging, if not unrealistic, due to factors such as financial constraints, application modernization, and organizational readiness.

Distributed and Hybrid Cloud migrations are more realistic as cost can be controlled, compliance and governance remains centralized, and unified control planes make technology adoption and skillset transitions less painful.

Come listen to Q2's journey about public cloud transformation and how the journey to cloud through Distributed Cloud computing made this transition successful.

avatar for Jordan Hager

Jordan Hager

VP, Hosting Architecture, Q2
As Q2's VP of Hosting Architecture leading Architecture, DevSecOps, and Site Reliability teams, Jordan has spent the last 20 years of his career in IT and Software Delivery.  Come hear Jordan speak about how Q2 fostered public cloud adoption through the organization leveraging a... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


How Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Tames Automation Complexity
Automation is hard! And the more you build, the more complex it gets! Even more critically, how can we keep that complexity from exploding as we scale?

The answer is to treat your automation like code! Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a process that uses proven approaches from hyper scale operators and development practices.

In this talk, we will cover proven IaC techniques to help you make infrastructure automation more consistent, repeatable and governable. We'll talk about advanced processes that allow you to scale DevOps automation across multiple teams, multiple sites and multiple system types. Most importantly we’ll discuss how to reuse automation that's already proven in the community so you can stop maintaining low value one-offs and custom Integrations.

avatar for Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld

CEO, RackN
Rob has innovated edge, cloud and infrastructure space for 20 years and has done everything from working with early ESX betas to serving four terms on the OpenStack Foundation Board and as an executive at Dell. He's also the host of the Cloud2030 podcast focused on cloud, industry... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA
Room 19A


Lessons Learned on the Migration to DevSecOps
For the past 12 months, Q2 has been on the journey of adding application security to the charter of our DevOps team. This has presented a number of challenges from organizational, talent development and interesting technical problems to solve.

In this session, I'll discuss the lessons we learned while tackling these challenges and the outcomes we've been able to achieve as a result.

- How to break down silos internally and externally
- The necessary feedback loops between policy development and technical enforcement and governance
- How to reduce technical debt in an Agile ecosystem
- How to secure tens of thousands of production container workloads
- How we approach API security and the gaps of traditional AppSec tools
- How to use automation projects to engineer ourselves out of operational churn

avatar for Nick Silver

Nick Silver

Accelerating secure delivery @ Q2, Q2
Nick has 13 years of experience in the information security industry, having worked for small security vendor startups to large multinational publicly-traded companies.  During this time, he's had the fortune of working with some of the best minds in Application Security and has... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


Power Level 9000! Improving Application Performance with Chaos Engineering
Chaos engineering is becoming a standard to test the resiliency and performance of cloud native applications. It allows you to validate assumptions, catch loopholes, and generally improve resiliency in your Kubernetes cluster.

This talk will focus on the specific experiments that will improve Kubernetes Clusters, application performance, and cover open source tools in the ecosystem, including Litmuschaos, Kraken, and Chaos Mesh.

At the end of the talk, the audience will understand the basics of experiments, apply them in their organizations, and describe the caveats of this new methodology!

avatar for Karthik Gaekwad

Karthik Gaekwad

Head of CloudNative Engineering, Verica
Karthik Gaekwad is a veteran engineer who enjoys learning and building software and software products using cloud and container technologies.He has worked in large enterprises and startups, with his career spanning National Instruments, Mentor Graphics, Signal Sciences, StackEngine... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


Future Tech Trends That Will Impact Your Business
In this talk, David Smith will explore major trends that will impact your business for the next few years. The trends will impact almost every business and will David will offer some suggestions and review options for surviving the impact of these trends. If you misapply some of the trends many businesses will be out of business in the next ten years.

  • Technology trends that will impact almost every businessData is the central business asset
  • What is blockchain and when will 5G impact my business
  • Why I need AI
  • Your legacy analytic software WILL fail in the Age of Data
  • Crisis of software that scales to meet demand
  • If you company only has one type of database your company needs to rethink your strategy

avatar for David Smith

David Smith

A noted business leader, futurist and technologist with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Smith combines these disciplines to deliver thought-provoking presentations that provide the vision of the future with the down-to-earth judgment of the technology. He is highly regarded as a... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


Aligning IT and Business Strategies to Drive Strategic Outcomes
Most today’s business leaders agree that Information Technology (IT) is an indispensable part of the products and services they provide – that IT and business strategies must be aligned, if not tightly integrated, to drive strategic outcomes. And yet, despite that sentiment, leaders in both functions often struggle (or find little value) with this essential task.

Blake and Vince will offer their perspectives, in straight talk format, on what they have found to be a straightforward, repeatable, and effective approach to aligning IT and business strategies in a way that delivers the mail.

Their talk will cover perspectives on:
  • Benefiting from a two-speed operating model – “run” versus “change”
  • Framing the role of strategic planning/plans – questions, choices, and clarity
  • Focusing on planning fundamentals – outcomes, roadmaps, and resources
  • Setting teams up for success – bridging the strategy and execution gap
  • Q&A

avatar for Blake Holman

Blake Holman

Chief Information and Infrastructure Officer, St. David's Foundation
Blake Holman is currently Chief Information Officer and HIPAA Security Officer at St. David’s Foundation in Austin, Texas. Blake has over 30 years of experience leading Information Technology Strategy, Development and Operations for several public and private companies in the Consulting... Read More →
avatar for Vince Pierce

Vince Pierce

CEO, Level 1
Senior executive with 30 years of progressive leadership, applying excellence and innovation to achieve and sustain strategic results and transformational outcomes. Vince has successfully led strategy and transformation for three companies on two continents over the last 10 years... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA
Room 14


How to Make Organizational Change
avatar for Sameer Sait

Sameer Sait

ex-CISO Amazon/WholeFoods Market
Sameer is a seasoned Information Security executive with 18+ years of experience managing diverse, global teams. Most recently, he was the CISO for Amazon.com's largest subsidiary - Whole Foods Market. His global organization was responsible for security engineering (app, data, identity... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


Lessons from the Front Line: Real-World Incident Response
As cyber incidents become more prevalent and more destructive, how an organization responds can make the difference between success and failure. This session will focus on lessons learned from the front lines of incident response. While it is well known that you should have an incident response plan and test it regularly, we will discuss best practices learned from actual incident responses that can save your organization time and money, and perhaps save the organization itself.

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


Manual Processes Be Gone. The Future of Third-Party Risk Management.
Whether a start-up or an enterprise, you are probably working with multiple vendors, 
using their software and relying on their systems. Yet while these external vendors 
provide invaluable services, they also introduce significant risk to your organization’s 
information security.  
How do you know if your vendors are meeting required contractual, security and privacy 
Without the right processes in place to assess the risks these third parties pose, then 
your answer is most likely “you don’t.” And this is critical: You need to know the risks of 
working with third parties and that you can trust them — because if they go down, your 
business may, too.  
Assessing risk, however, can be incredibly complex. Traditional risk management 
approaches that rely on manual processes, spreadsheets and even survey methods 
don’t scale well and are not automated enough. And they certainly can’t support a third-
party vendor network once it reaches a certain size: spreadsheets and email folders 
become overwhelming, ad hoc processes and reporting cycles create confusion, and 
manual reviews lead to missed issues and trends. In fact, the more successful an 
organization is – and the more third-party vendors they work with – the more automation 
and continuous monitoring are required. 
At Reciprocity, we work with companies of all sizes to help streamline and improve 
third-party risk management. Join Dave Schmoeller, Director of Solutions Marketing, as 
he walks you through: 
• Trends in third-party risk and common attack techniques 
• Steps to build/mature your third-party risk management program  
• How to implement continuous third-party risk monitoring and automation  
• Case study detailing how Reciprocity helped Gitlab drastically elevate its risk and 
compliance programs and save more than 50 hours per month on risk 
management and assurance activities. 


Dave Schmoeller

Director of Solutions Marketing, Reciprocity

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA



Smashing The Shift-Left Unicorn
The concept of Shift Left security is increasingly being adopted by software organizations. To realize the promise of the Shift Left, security must become an integrated and habitual part of all software development through behavioral and cultural shifts that prioritize security throughout the software development lifecycle. This presentation will discuss patterns for DevSecOps and CI/CD oriented security practices, discuss the limits of today’s technologies, and provide attendees with three actionable and free steps they can take today to upskill their product security capabilities.


Alex Kreilein

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure
Alex Kreilein is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Azure where he leads efforts on security, reliability, and performance engineering for mission-critical environments. Formerly he was the Chief Information Security Officer at RapidDeploy where he managed all aspects of security... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


The Business of Extortion: How Ransomware as a Service Makes Money
Ransomware has evolved and fragmented from a consumer-focused spray-and-pray attack to a multi-billion-dollar targeted enterprise threat. Lowering the technical barrier to entry, Ransomware as a Service enables moderately savvy internet trolls to endanger critical infrastructure for a quick buck. Join Critical Start's Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager, Callie Guenther, to look at the intel behind these threats, and leverage that intelligence to increase your resiliency against it.

avatar for Callie Guenther

Callie Guenther

Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager, Critical Start

Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


The Security Metrics That Matter
Wednesday April 27, 2022 TBA


8:00am CDT

Shoulder Surfing a Cyber Heist!
The problem with most companies and even regular people is they never think a cyber criminal is going to target them! The best way to prove that’s not true is to watch as Jayson E. Street Hacker, Security Advocate and Professional thief allows you to watch him as he attacks a local bank in your area! The scariest thing is not the success rate he has it’s how simple but effective his attack methods are! Once everyone is properly educated with the ease a cyber crime can be committed Jayson will also show you ways to better defend yourself and after watching the first half of the talk you definitely will take the second half more seriously!

avatar for Jayson Street

Jayson Street

Vice President of InfoSec, SphereNY
Jayson E. Street is an author of the "Dissecting the hack: Series". Also the DEF CON Groups Global Ambassador. Plus the VP of InfoSec for SphereNY. He has also spoken at DEF CON, DerbyCon, GRRCon and at several other 'CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security subjects.*He... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 8:00am - 9:00am CDT

9:00am CDT

The Human Connection with Technology Through Strategic Storytelling
Over the past few years technology has evolved drastically. It’s now our main source of connection, whether it’s texting with family, social media with friends, emailing work colleagues – or allowing us all to work remotely and safely from home during COVID-19. We are able to increase our connection and engagement with others online while also being present with our families. We can now take a video call from a parking-lot of our kids soccer games or while we are celebrating a friends birthday in another city.

But ultimately it’s allowed for us to share out stories better. How are you + your organization using technology today to better connect on a personal level? How are you still networking or advocating for yourself and your career via technology? In what ways has technology made you be more accessible for your family, not just for your employer?

Wednesday April 27, 2022 9:00am - 9:45am CDT
Room 16AB

9:30am CDT

Turn Zeroes into Heroes: How to Build Your Bench and Mentor Your Own Diamonds in the Rough
Attracting and retaining top tech talent has never been more competitive. Finding women and diverse candidates in tech is even more challenging. In the fast-paced tech industry, it’s time to teach leaders how to recruit and build their own diverse bench of top tech talent.

Lauren shows tech leaders how to take consistent micro-steps that yield huge results to attract and recruit the top tech talent they need. She shares her story of going from zero tech skills and zero job prospects to becoming a leading woman on the frontlines of tech in just two short years. Lauren peels back the curtain to help leaders come away with the steps they can take to immediately start growing their own diamonds in the rough and their own network of top talent.

avatar for Lauren Hasson

Lauren Hasson

Founder, Founder, DevelopHer + Principal Software Engineer
Lauren Hasson is the Founder of DevelopHer, an award-winning career development platform that has empowered thousands of women in tech to get ahead, stand out, and earn more in their careers. She also works full-time on the frontlines of tech herself. By day, she is an accomplished... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 9:30am - 10:15am CDT

10:15am CDT

Today's Workforce- Who is working? Who is Taking a Different Path? How do we Include Everyone?
How do we welcome women back from the post-COVID world? How do we build equitable practices for women returning to their current positions or branching out in another direction? Panelists Leslie Wingo and Joy Wiggins discuss how equitable practices in the workplace can keep women thriving in their current positions, encourage them to take the leap to a more supportive position at another company or even start their own company.

avatar for Leslie Wingo

Leslie Wingo

President, Sanders/Wingo
As the CEO, Leslie Wingo leads the Sanders\Wingo team, a Texas-based independent multicultural creative intelligence firm, delivering solutions for companies and their brands. Sanders\Wingo is focused on cultivating human connections through brand storytelling, strategy, and content... Read More →
avatar for Joy Wiggins, PhD

Joy Wiggins, PhD

founder and CEO, Equity and Inclusion Consulting LLC
Joy L. Wiggins, Ph.D., received her doctorate from The Ohio State University in multicultural education and social justice. She is the founder and CEO of Joy Wiggins, PhD: Equity and Inclusion Consulting which provides speaking, facilitation and mentorship opportunities on the topics... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 10:15am - 11:00am CDT
Room 16AB

11:30am CDT

CIO Gala Luncheon & Austin IT Awards Ceremony
Wednesday April 27, 2022 11:30am - 12:50pm CDT
Room 18CD

11:30am CDT

Security Differently - Security Summit Keynote Luncheon
A look at Risk, Defense, and Trust in the modern technology era. Trying to help organizations transition from implicit postures to explicit and verifiable models.

Topics include:
DevOps Automate Governance
Continuous Verification
Modern Cyber Defense Models
Adversary Analysis
Zero Trust Architectures
Distributed Trust Models

The presentation will be vendor generic and will discuss some modern examples of security done differently in the modern technology era.

avatar for John Willis

John Willis

Senior Director, Global Transformation Office, Red Hat
John has over 35 years of experience, focusing on IT infrastructure and operations. He has helped early startups such as Chef, Enstratius (now Dell), and Docker navigate the "DevOps" movement. He is one of the original core organizers of DevOpsDays and has been a prominent keynote... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 11:30am - 12:50pm CDT
Room 18AB

11:30am CDT

1:00pm CDT

Critical Success Factors for Building Your Brand in a Hybrid or Remote Workplace
avatar for Anh Selissen

Anh Selissen

Chief Information Officer, Texas Department of Transportation
avatar for Renee Curfman

Renee Curfman

VP of IT, Arrive Logistics
avatar for Lauri Talbott

Lauri Talbott

Associate Director- Quality Software Development Engineering | GM IT Global Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, GM
Lauri Talbott is a Senior Leader at General Motors focusing on Digital Marketing and Brands IT. Her tactical experiences as a software developer and product manager along with her practical experiences as a business owner and long-time people leader contribute to her success as an... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 1:00pm - 1:45pm CDT
Room 16AB

1:45pm CDT

Happy 45-Minute Reception & Prizes Drawings
Wednesday April 27, 2022 1:45pm - 2:30pm CDT

2:30pm CDT

Lessons Learned: What Technology Failings Have Taught Us
avatar for Shivani Agarwal

Shivani Agarwal

VP, IT Infrastructure, Security, & Services, McLane Company
Shivani Agarwal is Head of IT Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, and Services at McLane Company, a $40B supply chain leader. She is responsible for IT Infrastructure across all McLane distribution centers, data centers, and facilities, InfoSec, enterprise architecture and IT operations & services. She... Read More →

Wednesday April 27, 2022 2:30pm - 3:20pm CDT
Room 16AB

3:30pm CDT

Finding Your Career Match
Wednesday April 27, 2022 3:30pm - 4:30pm CDT
Room 16AB